Cisco 7914 48V AC Power Supply

Cisco CP-7914 AC Adapter Power CubeOur Cisco 7914 AC Power Supply and Power Cord are guaranteed compatible with the Cisco CP-7914 IP Attendant Console Module.  If you have a Cisco 7914 Expansion Module you need to purchase a 48V AC power cube for, our product is fully compatible. (Please note you will also need to purchase a Cisco CP-SINGLEFOOTSTAND or CP-DUALFOOTSTAND to Connect Up to (2) CP-7914 Modules to your compatible Cisco phone)

The Cisco CP-7914 IP Telephone specification requires a Cisco CP-PWR-CUBE (1st Generation) 48V AC Power Supply and AC Wall Cord (CP-PWR-CORD) to power the phone via a local wall outlet.  

Our OEM equivalent 48V-PWR-CUBE3 is fully tested and 100% compatible with the Cisco OEM power supply, and is a suitable and more cost effective replacement if you need to purchase AC power supplies for this model of phone.