48V Universal Cisco IP Phone Power Supply

48V Universal Cisco IP Phone Power Supply

$19.99 $39.95

Cisco Compatible (Universal) 48V AC Power Supply for Cisco IP Telephones

No more having to remember which Cisco power supply SKU is compatible with which model Cisco IP telephone.  Use the same 48V power supply for virtually all Cisco telephone models. Unlike Cisco's OEM 48V IP Phone power supply, which require a specific PWR-CUBE SKU (CUBE, CUBE2, CUBE3, etc) for proper fit and function, our OEM equivalent AC Adapter is designed to fit nearly every model. 

Our power supply is "backward compatible" to work with most Cisco desktop IP telephone models, including Cisco CP-7902G,Cisco CP-7906G,Cisco CP-7911G,Cisco CP-7914,Cisco CP-7915,Cisco CP-7916,Cisco CP-7940 and CP-7940G,Cisco CP-7941G and CP-7941G-GE,Cisco CP-7942G,Cisco CP-7945G,Cisco CP-7960 and CP-7960G,Cisco CP-7961G and CP-7961G-GE,Cisco CP-7962G,Cisco CP-7965G,Cisco CP-7970G,Cisco CP-7971G-GE, and Cisco CP-7975G.

Our Cisco Compatible 48V AC Power Supply is an affordable and convenient alternative to Cisco OEM CP-PWR-CUBE, CP-PWR-CUBE2 or CP-PWR-CUBE3 48V adapters for Cisco desktop IP Telephones. 

Our 48V-PWR-CUBE also includes AC-POWER-CORD (8 Foot total cord length from wall plug/outlet to phone) and is covered by a our LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.  As if that weren't enough, Ground shipping to all Continental US States is absolutely FREE!